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Our Gear



Our  Gear supports every kind of shoot. From HD, 2K, 4K, video cameras plus  DSLR cameras Sony, Red, Black Magic, Canon, Boom Mic’s, Jib, tracking  system, Lighting, Cordless Lav Mic’s.

Our Crew


 Our Team of Directors, Producers, Camera crew, Editors and Writers are  top notch with over 25 years of experience behind them in movies, TV  production, documentaries, pro sports action and more. Owner  Jeff Arballo a former teacher/athletic director and championship winning coach has also been the cinematographer on an Emmy wining show, directed the first webcast in China and has worked camera on the WSL and ISA surf tour for over 10 years. Jeff was also the director/producer/cinematographer/editor and writer for the documentary which aired on KPBS "SCRAMBLE THE SEAWOLVES". The documentary, premiered on the deck of the USS Midway in San Diego to 1,100 people. Along with wife Shannon Arballo who produced produced "SCRAMBLE THE SEAWOLVES"  the documentary still in its early stagers was just picked up for nation distribution to air on PBS in 2019. media production video and film production



 A top Notch Production is so important now more than ever before. Video  is the standard for keeping people on your site, because today almost  everyone has video on their site but quality video is what will keep  them on your site. That is our goal to give you quality video to grab  your attention. 



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